Preseason Game 2 Recap

Well we finally had a chance to watch Tony Romo in action and to be honest, Dak Prescott stole the show. Romo had an efficient drive leading to an Alfred Morris touchdown. The first drive was penalty packed possession. The defense was able to apply some pressure on Tannehill. Miami was able to get a deep pass on our secondary and to be honest, Jarvis Landry dropped a few easy passes that could’ve swung the momentum of the game.

Dak Prescott is starting to look like the real deal. The kid did have a few bad passes but he was poised throughout the game. Week by week he is looking like a Russell Wilson type QB, and for Dallas he could be the next man up. Tony was tony and from my evaluation, Dez is going to be used in possession plays more so than speed plays. Bryant cannot beat anyone 1 on 1 after last years injury and it shows. T-Will is looking better this year too but it could be because of Dak.

Defense is a huge issue. The pass rush was ok, but how will that hold up against elite QBs? The other issue is tackling. Dallas has had too many issues the past two weeks trying to tackle, and sometimes it’s better to teach better technique than it is to cause turnovers. Next up we will get a chance to see Seattle and maybe some more Romo. This will be a good matchup for him. Also, maybe we get a peak of Zeke soon….