Who would’ve thought that Brandon Weeden would’ve had Dallas in the game vs Drew Brees. Tonight the Cowboys fought, but they couldn’t sustain through the injuries.

This game is not how bad Dallas played. To be fair, both teams had numerous penalties. 14 total penalties in the game and a missed field goal. I know I’m all over the place so let’s take this recap and break down the game.

In the first half Dallas looked well besides penalties. Weeden took some shots down the field, and the defense was stout. Brees had issues early on but the Dallas D couldn’t capitalize. We stifled the running game very well and didn’t commit any crucial turnovers. We did have a close call with the Randle touchdown, and if he does something like that for another week, I say bench him for the game. Those types of plays can cost us a game…. What I realized is the Saints actually did what Dallas should’ve done all along. Brandon Weeden took some shots down the field, but what was interesting is the Saints actually used their backs in the passing game. The way this helped Brees is that he didn’t have to throw down the field, and the screens along with dump offs allowed the backs to have some room to run after the catch. Dallas should review this approach to see if they can use it next week. The game comes down to the offense unable to sustain a few drives, and really getting a very nice catch by Terrance Williams to be in it. The missed field goal by the Saints gave us another sign of life. So far we also do not have a strong offensive line. I didn’t see the push from these guys like they showed last year.

What can Jason do to get our team ready for the game next week? Well, prepare for the short passes. Honestly, the Saints gave us a potential blueprint on what we should expect vs the Patriots. Weeden can manage the game, but missing our play makers is hurting tremendously at this point. Oh, and the injuries we faced….. I do not know of any team that can sustain after all those injuries. Out of the two games we had a chance to win, we lost both. Now we face a stretch that could make or break or season….