On Fire: Aaron Rodgers

The man has made the hailmary look like nothing. Roger Staubach might have coined the term, but Rodgers is perfecting it. The way Green Bay dismantled the Giants on Sunday only has me worried more so than relieved. Yes, Jordy and Ty might be out or limited, but the man whose most dangerous is still on the field. After dropping 4 straight games, the Packers have won 7 straight (including the Wildcard game). In that time frame, A-Aron (Key & Peele reference) has thrown 19 touchdowns and 0, yes ZERO interceptions. His lowest completion percentage to date was 61% during that win streak and the past 3 games he’s thrown a total of 12 TDs. The man is currently “on fire” (NBA Jam reference) and without weather conditions here in Dallas, he becomes even deadlier. Dallas will have their hands full on Sunday against the Packers, and it should be normal for Cowboys fans to fear this team more than the Giants right now.