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With football season right around the corner I always get an opportunity to learn about new gear releases. Last year Nike released the Men’s Nike Free Trainer V7 which was a huge hit. This year Nike’s second generation not only will feature the men’s team sneaker, but they are releasing the first women’s team sneaker as well. Below you can learn more about both the men’s and women’s shoe, and get a firsthand glance before the release.

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Men’s Air Max Typha 2

For those of you that are sneaker heads, you know the men’s Nike Air Max Typha line is a great workout shoe. The soft material exterior makes this very light to wear for running, working out, etc. Not only functional, this shoe is very stylish too. The Typha 2 though is very sleek and something casual wearers will enjoy.

Now for the Dallas Cowboys branded release you are actually getting a pretty darn good looking shoe. In the side profile images below, you can see that the exterior has a nice team gray with some of that Cowboys blue. Using the color combination in such a way makes this trendy in regards to gray’s taking over apparel at the moment. Also, the sole of the shoe doesn’t look to over powering and has a decent looking toe tip on the front.

Here is where the shoe gets exciting. The view from a top gives you a sense of some astonishingly amazing details. Not only do you get the team friendly stripes inside the shoe, but you get your favorite team logo on the tongue of the sneaker. Plus the laces give you some navy in the front which breaks up the gray visually.

Looking at the back of the sneaker you can see the team name on the heal notch. I really like how subtle this looks. It also gives the back of the shoe representation of what you are wearing.

Remember I stated that this shoe is sleek and pretty darn good looking. Well you can see very good detail in the next image of the laces, stitching, and mesh like material. Nike looks to have hit a homerun adding team accents where you as a fan would touch the shoe the most. I think this is brilliant as every touching point will remind you of your team apparel.

Women’s Nike Free Trainer V8

If the NFL and Nike were testing the waters last year they did it with reason. Being cautious and testing the market with men is risky, but for them it paid off. Why? Because if men bought this shoe or received this shoe as a gift, then you know the market for female football fans would be huge. This year we get to see the Women’s Nike Free Trainer V8 showing Dallas Cowboys team support.

This sneaker is one that will be a staple for working out. Not only is the soft material and flexible sole light weight, but it is also pretty durable. What made this unique in comparison to the men’s shoe was that it felt as if you were getting three different sections of this shoe material wise. Looking at the side profile, you see the mesh like front, a stronger looking mid-section, and heavy sole near the heel. Nike took some risk in this design appearance wise but it actually works. I do wish they would’ve gone with the navy’s for women as I believe those would’ve looked a lot better.

Looking down at the shoe you see immense detail that is different in comparison to the men’s shoe. Not only do you stay with the same color tone laces, you have the team name right there where the laces are. This is different and it actually kind of works. The next thing that is noticeable is that you have the team logo inside the shoe against a navy background. Also, they do the three stripe combination for the heal notch where in the men’s shoe this was actually the inside of the shoe. Finally, the front has a slightly off center and obviously different color shoe tip which looks really cool.

The back of this sneaker shows us why the women’s shoe actually shines. Not only does the team logo look great against the white, but the three layer look gives this shoe the true workout and casual knockout punch. In my opinion doing this made this sneaker not only stand out, but it is beautiful to see the combination of colors and shapes.

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Release Date: August 27th, 2018



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