NBA Super Teams and Dirk’s Greatness

After the NBA Finals ended a few weeks ago the argument over super teams escalated due to Lebron James. He stated that he didn’t start the super team. People jumped all over the statement referring to the Bosh and Wade situation in Miami. I for one completely agree with Lebron. Here is why:

  • Super teams are defined how? A well respected or highly successful team?
    • If this is the definition we go by, then take this into consideration.
  • Highly Successful Teams
    • Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Spurs, Heat, Rockets
  • Well Respected Teams
    • Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Spurs
  • The majority of NBA Final champions have needed more than 1 hall of fame player
  • Player movement has become stronger now than in the future due to the CBA

Why aren’t the Warriors or Cavaliers in the highly successful argument? Well, are you considering long term or current. If you consider current, then yes, the Cavaliers and Warriors are the poster children for success right now in this league. Throughout history, the Spurs, Rockets, Heat, and Bulls have had pretty good success at making the playoffs and winning a good amount or playing in a good amount of NBA Finals. Also, the Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, and Heat are respected teams due to history or personnel. Now, is it because talent? Well, Magic, Bird, Michael, Shaq, and others always had more than one person lead a team. Back in the day, pre-Lebron, player movement was dictated by the owners and general managers. Now, the players are becoming more aggressive in this and they shouldn’t be chastised for their decisions. Building teams were only up to GM’s and owners, now players can control some of that movement. Super teams have been built in the past through those 2 ways and now they are being build in a 3rd way. Lebron is completely correct, he didn’t start the super team, but he did start a more conscious player movement.

How does this all tie Dirk in? Well, Dirk never did entertain or be entertained by outside offers. He is 1 of 2 guys in the past 35 years in the NBA to win a championship as the lone superstar. He defied all the odds and won with a veteran group that had no right to be in the NBA Finals. The man completely eviscerated multiple all stars, and hall of fame guys. He beat Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Durant, Harden, Westbrook, Aldridge, Bosh, and Gasol on his way to a ring. Name me a guy who went through a more colorful playoff run, none, nada. He did this without building a team with himself here, he is an old school guy. Dirk is letting the organization take care of the one thing he wants more than anything, that is to win. A traditionalist like him is rare and always has been. The respectable part of what he has done, is that he is doing this in an era where players are moving to win because they can. Back in the day they couldn’t move like this.