NBA Playoff Changes for 2015

Earlier this week the league decided that winning divisions will not matter to make the playoffs. What will be most important is overall record followed by head to head record. The NBA is already making strides in becoming more people friendly, and this move is falls in line with that direction. This season several fans, writers, commentators, and players had issues with the seeding system that was in place. There was even talk of just having the top 16 teams regardless of conference in the playoffs. Such a move would’ve been horrible in my opinion.

If you look at the NFL and MLB, you can easily say that the playoffs don’t allow some teams that deserve to be in, in. The MLB adopted a wildcard game to increase excitement, and give a more fair change to those teams on the edge. The NFL on the other hand has expanded to 4 divisions in each conference, yet only allow 6 playoffs teams. This has affected seeding and home field advantage greatly.

Adam Silver has made a bold move by minimizing the honor of winning a division. You can say that it is more like a consolation price at this point. To be honest, with the playoff seeding the way it is this season, I do believe we will have a better post season vs years past. I’m also happy they didn’t do the top 16 teams because I personally would’ve hated to see Boston vs LA in round 1, or Houston vs New York. Does this format help the Mavs? Actually it does and doesn’t. If they would’ve won their division with a bad record then yes it would’ve helped. On the flip side, if they are in a competitive conference and lost out because a lower win division winner got in, then it hurts. Let’s see the overall first season with this to get a true judgement. Personally though, I do like it.

What do you think, good more or bad move by the NBA?