My Thoughts On: All or Nothing: The Dallas Cowboys

Finally! I finally had a chance to finish watching this series. Amazon did a great job putting this one together. From start to finish it felt entertaining. Something I really enjoyed is how each episode started, how Jon Hamm narrated this thing, and a lot of the in depth look of our favorite football team.

Starting off the series the feeling was just epic. It was the Cowboys coming in to avenge a bad end to a pretty good 2017 season. Dak, Dez, Jason Witten, and more were ready to go and seemed anxious to get thee season started. Ezekiel Elliott on the other hand was battling his own demons throughout the show. Also from the start, you saw some of the involvement the Jones family had. Here are my takes from the show:

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  • Jason Witten was a player who Jason Garrett connected with. You could see the emotional bond between the two players in one of the episodes. You also saw a nice exchange between Witten and Romo which was awesome to watch.
  • The whole suspension case thing affected not only Elliott but the team. Not knowing when Elliott was going to play was a huge factor in the team’s success. You could also see it wear down on the young man. Towards the end it really looked like a weight had been lifted off the young man.
  • Dez Bryant was a problem. Not only was he struggling in practice, but his on the field play (as the numbers have shown) were atrocious. It felt at several times that the team kept making excuses and giving Bryant passes throughout the show.
  • Jason Garrett runs his team as a corporation. Red Jesus didn’t look like he was coaching much and that didn’t sit well with me. He ran weekly meetings with his head coaches but not much was discussed in regards to strategy, teaching, etc. It was a lot of clapping and motivational talk.
  • Jerry Jones is the BOSS. He had his hand in everything. Whether it was talking to Zeke about life experiences he’s seen others learn from, to speeches in the locker room, to sitting in on the coaches meetings. Jerry was everywhere in that organization. One thing you could see with him though is he loved the wins and hated the losses.
  • Derek Dooley had difficulty coaching Dez Bryant. It was apparent that the player was tougher to coach than other players.
  • Jason Garrett swears more than I thought. Although it was nice to see him emotional, it would’ve also been nice to see a different tone set in the locker room.
  • The Jones family has a very strong bond. Stephen, Jerry Jr., and Charlotte all share a bond that is very beautiful to see amongst children. Plus they cheer for each other and look to be in sync with the whole organization.
  • Sean Lee needs to become the linebackers coach or defensive coordinator once he retires. Dallas will have a strong leader in Lee on defense next year if players utilize his knowledge. He was one of the smartest players in the locker room.
  • Dak didn’t work with his receivers after practice at all. I’m not sure if this was because the film crew didn’t film this, or if Dak didn’t do it, but these are things you hear from the greats in regards to preparation and practice.
  • Rod Smith literally jumped two spots up after a couple of games. He really made McFadden retire, and pushed Morris to the brink.
  • The family bonds shown between players and their families was very nice to see. David Irving’s daughter was very cute when they showed her during Halloween, as were other families shown in the show.
  • Gary Brown is an awesome coach. Not only did his players respect him, but they also listened. He was probably one of the best coaches to watch during the series.
  • What I believe did the Cowboys in more than Elliott’s suspension were the issues at the left tackle position. Dallas had they taken care of this earlier or even evaluated the players better, could’ve made it really close to making the playoffs.
  • The Cowboys also missed Dan Bailey pretty badly down the stretch.
  • Several of the players on defense did take their job seriously

Overall as a Cowboys fan this was a good watch. Some concerns for the team but the youth movement will be interesting to watch now that Witten and Dez are gone. Also this past off season the team made several coaching changes and I bet this show highlighted several reasons why.