My Reaction to Brice Butler

Well this guy brought some more drama to big D last week. Not only did Brice Butler take himself off the Cowboys radar for this free agency. He seems to have aired out a mix bag of goodies.

Butler went on a national radio show (I’m sure you’ve “Herd” of it) and almost aired out some Dallas Cowboys dirty laundry. Brice also went to Undisputed and spoke some more. He stated that if he isn’t starting he isn’t coming back. Even though I’m not a big Dez Bryant fan, he does NOT deserve to lose his spot to Brice Butler. Terrance Williams…. well he could lose his spot but Cole Beasley also shouldn’t. Butler has potential but it isn’t something that has stuck out to me. Noah Brown could easily say the same thing and I feel that he might have more upside.

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Next Butler went on to say some not so nice things indirectly about Dez Bryant. Basically stating that he is trying to coach and play at the same time. Dez might have a bigger voice in the locker room now but he also doesn’t air out the team to the media. One thing Bryant did do towards the end of the season was throw some jabs at the coaching and Dak. This I chalk up to frustration more than him being vindictive.

Brice Butler also went in on the Cowboys offense. This was interesting because the fans have had issues for years with Garrett’s play calling. These days they say it isn’t Garrett and Scott Linehan. But Linehan’s coaching isn’t miraculously amazing.

Excerpts for both are linked here in this post. What do you think, was Butler being truthful? Did he have some validity behind his statements or is he just promoting Brice?

Source: The Herd 

Source: Undisputed