My First Cowboys Game

I want to share with everyone my first Cowboys game experience. It was 1992 and I was a young 7 year old kid (showing my age now) interested in video games, cartoons, and sports. My father had purchased tickets to take me to the Cowboys game that year and everything changed in my life. Now before I could remember, my dad had purchased a sweater back in the day for me. You know, one of those items that you don’t even remember having but rocked it for mom and dad. This was in 1987 and it was a blue team sweater. The only reason I know about it is because my mom showed it to me when I was moving out (that’s another story). Anyways it’s 1992, we have a new president, the economy was seeming to be good (what did I know, I was 7!), music was great, and man the cartoons.

When I was told that we were going to the game I was at a friends house. He was stoked that I had a chance to go. My friend then started listing off players to look for on the field. The names were this simple: Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin. As a kid, those names were pretty easy to remember, Smith, Troy, Irving (Yup, Irving). I asked him what numbers those guys were because even though I was a fan, I didn’t know my team as well as I should. We discussed who was what number, what position they played and all that fun stuff. The game was on TV that week so it was easy to figure out since the announcers and camera men were infatuated with these three guys.

Once game day came the next week, I had a chance to witness the triplets for the first time in my life. The team was an amazing 8-1 with a home game against the LA Rams. Who were the Rams? I didn’t care, I was going to a Cowboys game! Haha, in all seriousness, as a kid it didn’t matter to me, I was just really excited about the chance to go watch these three guys, Emmitt, Troy, Irving. Now, when we pulled up to the parking lot I cannot even remember how anything was, all I remember is the long walk to get to the stadium itself. The funny part is that this walk didn’t seem long because we were going to the game. We walked by tailgater’s and others screaming and yelling “Go Cowboys!”. The weather was a little cooler so I was bundled up some and they had some really good stuff cooking (from what I could smell). As we were able to get inside, the walk continued until we got to our seats. We sat down and the blue seats were cold yet comfortable for a little kid. As a kid I looked all around me seeing names and a big hole in the roof. To my knowledge then, I thought hey, it must be for weather or something and it looks really cool. My dad had brought binoculars so we could look at the players on the field. Immediately after sitting down I asked for the binoculars. My dad, took them off his neck and removed the little covers that covered the lenses and handed them to me. Then I put them to my eye’s and crap! These guys looked further away then without these darn things. I turned the binoculars around and realized that I was looking through them from the wrong side….. As I scanned the field, there they were, numbers 22 and 88. Scanning further down the field I found number 8, Aikman. These guys were celebrities to me and I was ready for this game to get going.

Throughout the first and second quarters I kept those binoculars with me. The crowd was cheering and loud. My dad encouraged me to cheer with them and so I did, yelling let’s go Cowboys! When they booed I didn’t know why but I went with them, booing as loud as I could. Almost every play we had the ball I was zoomed in (with the binoculars) on #22. Every time he touched the ball I hoped for a long run. The power this man had was amazing. During a passing play I witnessed short routes run by Irving. The Aikman guy would pass it to him and they seemed to do it so effortlessly. When Dallas didn’t have the ball I was scanning the sidelines. Looking to see what these three guys would do off of the field. This continued throughout the game but for some reason the Cowboys were losing. As the game continued, it seemed as if Dallas wasn’t going to win and sadly they didn’t. Dallas lost the game 21-26 for only there second loss on the year. Personally I had no clue they were this good, or it was there second loss of the season. The excitement I felt to watch and be able to tell my friend was out of this world. I could tell him what I saw, and how they looked on the field, what they did in real life not TV.

This was my first experience going to a Cowboys game. After this, Emmitt became my favorite player and continued to be until he retired. I learned that the guy named Irving was actually named Irvin. My parents had bought me his jersey back in 1991 from the fleamarket and I had no clue. Also, the poise and leadership displayed by Aikman led me to believe every person who played that position should’ve played that way.

Thank you for reading my experience. Please feel free to comment or share your first Cowboys game experience.