My 2 Cents: Rumors, Thoughts, Drama

There is no clue that a lot has been discussed in regards to our favorite football team as of late. Some headline topics from Todd Haley’s potential return to Dez being cut are all in the news. This is article is basically my thoughts in general and no specific order of the topics on hand.

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Todd Haley’s Potential Return

How many of y’all remember Todd Haley? Well if you don’t, he was the guy who got into it with Terrell Owens back in the day. He was the wide receivers coach from 2004-2006 under the Bill Parcells era. Haley is credit with helping develop Tony Romo and also butting heads with Owens multiple times. Heck, Haley’s wife filed a suit against a McDonald’s in Southlake stating she found a dead rat in her salad.

Controversy surrounds this dude no doubt. Shoot, even Ben Roethlisberger is having some type of issue with Todd. Even Boldin and Warner had issues with Haley as well. If a guy is surrounded by so much noise, is that needed in Dallas? I don’t think so and the Cowboys need to be careful. Last time they brought drama it almost blew up the team (Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones).

The Demarcus Lawrence Contract Situation

This is a huge subject for the defense. While listening to local radio here in Dallas I learned that the Cowboys will obviously prioritize Lawrence. What seems to be the consensus is that the team could franchise tag him. Now I’m sure you are wondering whether the Cowboys should franchise tag Lawrence. I think they should and here’s why.

They franchised Anthony Spencer back in 2012 and he recorded 11 sacks. Then the Cowboys franchised him again in 2013, and he broke down due to injuries. Lawrence has already faced a suspension and a big injury. We need to see if he can hold up at least one more season. That is why I believe the Cowboys should franchise Lawrence. See what he has one more season. Below is Anthony Spencer’s statistics.

*2012 and 2013 are the years Spencer was designated with the franchise tag

Possible Coaching Changes

Derek Dooley, Wade Wilson, Scott Linehan, and a few more coaches have either expiring contracts or are on the fan hot seat. Wilson could possibly return or retire but generally speaking I’m not a big fan of his. I believe he actually hindered Romo and is hurting Prescott. Dooley on the other hand is basically gone if not gone already. Scott Linehan on the other hand is most likely coming back. He has support from the players and coaches.

Rod Marinelli’s name has also been floating around but he’s done a great job improving the defense with the scraps he’s had every year. Frank Pollack is a name I’m adding to the list due to the ineptitude shown by our second stringers on the offensive line.

Restructure or Cut Dez Bryant

Here is a situation where the player is more valuable to the team than somewhere else. The Cowboys have really seen this young man mature since being drafted back in 2010. What they haven’t seen is production for the past 3 years.

Albeit his yardage has gone up each of the past 3 years, none of them are 1,000 yard seasons. Something you should not wonder about when it comes to a player thought of as a Pro Bowl receiver. I still believe the Cowboys should cut Bryant. Nothing personal just business. Open up the roster spot for another guy. If you want to get sentimental, then sure, try to restructure his deal. If you do restructure Dez’s deal, you better find a way to work him under 10 yards for routes. Also, if you don’t plan on doing that, then heck, let him loose.

Alright, the venting and off the top of the head session is over. Opinions are welcome and my apologies for the typo’s, bad punctuation, grammar, or bad sentences. I kept this as raw as possible.