More Playoff Teams in the NFL?

I found this while on the NFL website yesterday. Roger Goodell is stating the playoffs will likely expand. The discussion is about adding 2 more playoffs teams. For several years the league has had 6 playoff teams. Over the past 20 years though it has been a challenge getting the best teams into the playoffs. Before their were 3 divisions and it was a little easier to set the division winners. Now with 4 divisions, we do not get an opportunity to sometimes see a more competitive playoff. The argument could be made that you will water down and have weaker teams just like the NBA has. The difference is that in the NFL it could give a chance for some upsets, and they only play one game.

Another issue could be that you have half of the teams in the league in the playoffs. Structuring the games will be simple and the payoff will be beneficial. Is it worth it to see half the league competing for a Super Bowl? Now teams in a weaker market, or with average records could benefit because it would end some post season droughts. I would not have a problem with the league choosing to expand due to the way the divisions are broken down. what I would prefer is shrinking the divisions into 3 again if possible. Obviously that will be difficult and the schedule will be affected, maybe I’m just old school in regards to this. If they do expand, we could see the Cowboys get more chances to adding to their record number of Super Bowl appearances, and maybe get a chance to see a Detroit or Cleveland get to a championship game…. Ok, maybe we have hit the wishful thinking level.