Misusing Dez Bryant

Anyone out there think Dez Bryant is a top 10 receiver? Anyone?? I hope not. For the past two years, I’ve been stating that the Cowboys need to do either one of two things with Dez. Line him up for shorter routes or trade him. Look, after the foot fracture back a couple of years ago, Bryant has done a great job with his recovery. The problem is that he is not what he once was because of age and he’s lost a step. Dez should be running curl routes or slants to maximize not only his size, but increase his efficiency. Think I’m crazy? Well, currently the way he’s being utilized, check out where he ranks:

Not in the top 30 in yards

Not in the top 30 in receptions

Top 10 in targets

Top 10 in touchdowns

Not in the top 30 in yards per game

Not in the top 30 for yards after catch

Top 20 in first downs

Guess what, short yardage is where he is most dangerous. Yes, we have Witten and Beasley running the short routes,  but neither have the size or strength of Dez. The guy has been a model locker room presence lately, but we have to get the most out of his talent. Garrett ran an offense back in the day where Irvin would run 10 yard curls. If they don’t do this, then trade him while he has value and let someone else maximize his ability.