Misunderstood? The Greg Hardy Dilemma

We are Cowboys fans. It is football season. At one time the NFL fields were seen as battle fields, and players went to war. One of the things that all teams thrived under conceptually no longer is used today. People are more sensitive. Being socially/politically correct has more meaning to it then ever before. Controversial pieces of media are far and few between. I fall under this category of politically correct. I’m not embarrassed about my approach. This century has started out very different than the last one ended. Our world is progressing hourly. I’m mentioning these things because I want us to see if their is a difference of perspective.


Greg Hardy, woman beater, violent, offensive, immature, and ill mannered. Seems like the theme lately in the media about the guy. People have compared his situation to Ray Rice’s. Both men are different and deserve a voice. Both men have utilized their platform as role models differently. My question to people is, who is Greg Hardy?


I know Hardy from the media. I have no personal relationship nor have I ever met the guy. The Greg Hardy I know was suspended almost all of last year by the NFL for domestic violence. He is a Pro Bowler who recorded 15 sacks in 2013. At Ole Miss, he was suspended for missing team meetings but was reinstated after apologizing to coaches and reporters. Greg is a unique talent who has had injury concerns. He was a 6th round pick in the NFL and has become a force. In 2011 he was in a motorcycle accident. His father is a football coach and former college player. He’s a player that “seeks” the limelight.


We’ve created Greg Hardy. We fed into his persona of the “Kraken”. It was fun and interesting to watch the man play. I mean, when did the media ever care about a player? We usually don’t care until he/she does something that is wrong. A lot of times we look the other way because we don’t want to believe this talented athlete could do such a thing. This is something in media that hasn’t changed and should. Why aren’t we providing and glamorizing those who are giving, caring, willing to help society? Why do we feed the ego’s of athletes who are young and naive. Where is the education of these men and women who are built to be cocky, arrogant, and stay as mental teenagers?


Hardy was not right in his comment of Tom Brady’s wife, plain and simple. My rant is an obvious opinion. Hardy was not politically correct in his statement, but probably said something that is usually said in a locker room full of testosterone driven athletes. I’m making an assumption yes, but prove to me I’m wrong. Prove to me you’ve been in a locker room full of 20-30 year old males whose ego’s are bigger than the next mans. I’m not justifying his actions at all. I want us to realize that this man needs a mentor, he needs leadership. Discipline will only get a person so far. Education is where the power is. Greg in all honesty should’ve been sent to something. Rehab, or some type of program could’ve benefitted the man. He in my opinion was guilty for what he did in the domestic violence case and received a second chance. I do believe still, that he needs to grown as a person who doesn’t understand the world.


On Sunday I will be rooting for my Dallas Cowboys. There is not going to be anything different in my approach in hoping we beat the Patriots. I will also root for Greg Hardy to play well. What I will hope for is the organization, the players, and the league help in educating the young man. It’s time to enforce programs throughout the league. These can be for profit or not, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it makes sense. It’s time though, to help these young athletes from broken families, or sheltered backgrounds, and help them learn a well rounded ideology of the world we live in. Teach them manners, and just because someone is a certain age, doesn’t mean mentally and physically they are at that age.