McClain and Gregory Face 1 Year Bans

This is older news coming from about 8-10 days ago. Rolando McClain and Randy Gregory are both facing extra long suspensions by the league. Both have different cases pending but this hits the defense pretty hard. McClain was expected to join the team here in the next couple of weeks but now that seems to be delayed. He missed a drug test recently and could be in long term trouble. Randy Gregory on the other hand failed another drug test and could be on his way out. Personally I hope the team does decide to get rid of both of these players. The talent isn’t worth the headache and last year, honestly it wasn’t like Gregory was an impact player. McClain has digressed and it could be the purple drank slowing him down. Whatever his issue, it’s clear that football is not a priority.

Now I’m not one of those guys whose going to state it’s all about the team. Players go out and have fun. Drugs are almost a part of the norm these days. But to put millions on the line and be irresponsible is another story. Unless of course you do not have the aspirations to earn more, or build a better future for yourself and your family. I’m sure both these men care about those things, but the actions are not showing it.