Mavericks Land Smith Jr at 9

The Dallas Mavericks had a very good draft last night. Albeit they only drafted one guy, the man they picked up is looked at as a potential franchise player. Dennis Smith Jr has been compared to the likes of John Wall, Damian, Lillard, and other combo point guards. His athleticism is out of this world and he can ball. The man is young and a bit immature, but being around Dirk and Harrison should help him. Watching a rotation of Curry, Ferrell, Barea, Matthews, and Smith Jr will be fun. But I expect Dallas to make a move and ship one or two of those guys out. Early projections are that Smith Jr will start as a rookie. Also, coach Rick Carlisle who favors older players is very excited to have Dennis join the fray. We know it is early, but the Mavericks offseason looks pretty exciting already.