Mavericks Keep Falling

The Dallas Mavericks have had a very unique season this year. The first half of the year, they looked like dark horses that could give one of the top 3 Western Conference teams a headache. Now, Dallas looks like an aging team trending towards true rebuilding. Currently the team holds the longest active losing streak in the league. What can they do to get out of this hole? Can we move up in the standings? Should we tank?

Everything started with a 3 point loss to Sacramento followed by a crushing defeat to the Nuggets. The next 3 games were against playoff contending teams. Our roster does not get any easier. Seven of the next ten games are against playoff teams. On top of that, we get Golden State twice, Portland twice, and Cleveland once. From the looks of the schedule, Dallas will have a hard time getting or staying above .500 in the near future. Worse, the rest of the schedule is pretty bad as well. The Mavericks could hope for a team to fold towards the end of the year, but it could be too little too late. Dirk and Parsons are doing what they can to keep the Mavs competitive, but the inconsistent play from Deron paired with the steady healing of Matthews has this team struggling towards the finish line.

Tanking is out of the question for a team who is now stuck in the middle of the pack. You will not be able to command a worthwhile pick, nor will you have an asset that is appealing to other teams. Dallas has to fight it out for those final 3 spots in the West.