Lucky #9?

The Mavericks were a part of the NBA draft lottery the other day and well it went as well as expected. Dallas ended up with the 9th pick and rumors are swirling that they should draft Frank Ntilikina from France. Personally I’m a big fan of Dennis Smith and would love to see him fall to the Mavericks. Anyways, the last time Dallas had the 9th pick in the NBA draft they ended up with a guy named Dirk, and before that they ended up with Rolando Blackman. If history has a chance to repeat itself, then this decade we will be able to bring in a cornerstone for the franchise. Currently the team doesn’t have a need at PG as drastically as it seems. With Yogi and Seth the team has some solid PG solutions. Frank is said to be a game changer. Dallas needs a guy to be able and take over games but also have a defensive prowess and mid-range game. Another need is some athleticism. Nerlens and Harrison provide great size and athleticism at there respected positions, but the PF and SG spots are hurting. If they can bring in a slasher who can finish at the rim and can play D, well then we have our future guy. Let’s stay tuned to see what they do this draft, and just remember, we have a lucky #9 in our draft position.