Life without Romo

So we all know the big news that broke over the past couple of days involving Tony Romo. Our star quarterback is going to be out approximately 8 weeks at the least. Recently the team placed Romo on short term IR which signifies that the earliest he can come back will be late November. How do the Cowboys fair in his absence? What do we expect from Weeden? Do we even have a shot at the playoffs? Let’s take a look……

Life without Romo is starting to become a long term possibility not only for this season but for the near future. The Cowboys are relying on a 34+ year old QB to play lights out. Now this league has protected the position well over the past decade. We’ve seen guys like Favre, Brunell, Peyton Manning, Brady, and others who are still holding up pretty well. The truth is, one more big injury and we are going to be starting a broken down Romo, similar to what we are seeing in Denver with Manning. Now don’t think what I’m stating is anti-romo. I’m probably one of the few people who was rooting from Romo even after his early career mistake in Seattle. What I’m trying to get at is, the Cowboys need to really address this situation next season and groom his replacement soon. Another injury like this could cripple (if it hasn’t already) the franchise for a longer period of time. How do we fair in his absence? Well, lets put it this way. We are facing a mediocre Falcons team who barely beat out the Giants and Eagles. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are explosive, but then what? Brandon Weeden is finally in a system where he has familiarity. This game is a trap game for the Falcons, because honestly we don’t have much to lose (we are without Romo, Dez, Hardy, Gregory, McClain , and more).

What do we expect from Weeden? Not much to be honest. Weeden is a mediocre QB and didn’t have a successful run in Cleveland. It will be interesting to see how he fairs with a decent front five. The issue will be how well our running game can hold up for him, and how stout our defense can be in causing turnovers by the Falcons. What the team needs to do is work the short game, and control the clock. I’m not sure what Weeden’s arm strength is like, but I do not trust him with the long ball. Strategic shots down the field will be important, but mostly it will be good to run plays within 15 yards to get the ball moving.

Do we even have a shot at the playoffs? Yes. So it isn’t impossible to win the NFC East with a sub par record. The Redskins seem like they are finding their stride, and look eerily similar to us in our current state. The Eagles are a wreck and the Giants, well, I feel like the bottom two teams in our Conference will be from the North East. Listen Cowboys fans, we aren’t in a bad situation. It could be worse, yes it could be. We have a head coach who has remained under control and poised. We have a team that believes in itself, and the staff that is guiding them. We have camaraderie between players that shows how much they want to help each other. Sean Lee is on the field for defense, and Jason Witten for offense. Plus, we have a 2 game head start on messing it all up. Seriously, we can beat the Saints and Falcons. The Giants and Eagles are back in the mix again as well. Let’s do a quick run down:

Falcons – L

Saints – W

Patriots – L

Giants – L

Seahawks – L

Eagles – W

Buccaneers – W

Where does that leave us? 5-4 before we face off on Thanksgiving against the Dolphins. That type of record is good enough to keep us in the race for the division. By that time, we will have Hardy and McClain back and our defense (barring any injuries) could be very strong in causing turnovers and potentially helping out the offense, if they are struggling at that point. Oh, and Dez could be back by the Eagles game……