JJ Barea is the Western Conference Player of the Week 4/4/16

Impressive indeed! JJ has lit up teams as Dallas has won 4 straight trying to hold onto a playoff spot. From 3/27 to 4/2, JJ put up almost 22 points and 6 assists a game. In this time Dallas has gone 3-1. Of course, the win on Sunday doesn’t count in the week. Overall though, it has been very helpful for the team to find offense other than Dirk.


The crazy thing about JJ doing what he’s doing is his height. Barea comes in at a stalky looking 6 feet tall and of course looks smaller on the court. Now during this time, Nowitzki has been struggling, but Matthews and others have stepped up as well. I’m not sure if Carlisle has found a lineup that is working, or is putting players on the court who are scrappy enough, but it’s working. Deron Williams is still out with an abdominal strain, so we might see some more Barea in the future.