Jersey Fouls

This is not a long piece or a short piece. You can easily state that this is a fact piece. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but seriously, I’ve never understood some people’s sports apparel choices. A few years back I remember going to a basketball game between the Mavericks and Heat with a few friends. One of my friends showed up with a jersey on from a different team and a player who wasn’t even playing. We all looked at this guy like, what are you doing bro. Man card violation indeed dude. So lets break down some jersey fouls:


1. Wrong player, wrong team: We are going to go with the first example here. Why wear a James Harden jersey to a Mavericks and Spurs game. I mean, how does that make sense? I’m better off wearing a Rockets Chandler Parsons jersey then a guy who has no connection to either side. You might as well throw on a Patrick Ewing throwback if your at it. Like seriously guys, no.

2. Wrong sport: Have you ever seen these guys? Wearing a football jersey to a baseball game. I mean c’mon, it’s not even the same sport. This always makes me shake my head. No you are not cool for wearing this. If you do not have something of those teams in your closet, it is completely ok to go casual. Their isn’t really a rule to wearing team gear at a game. Jersey’s and t-shirts are preferred, even hats and team tights, but this is just wrong.

3. The beat up jersey: I remember going to a Cowboys game one year and this guy had an Emmitt Smith jersey. Now, the issue was the numbers had basically faded off. The only way these guys get a pass if its for good luck. Us die hards are very superstitious so I can understand if you are wearing the jersey for this reason. If it is the only thing you had to wear, I do not believe you. Once again, it is ok to go casual and even wear a t-shirt with the team colors.