Jerry’s National Anthem Stand

It was a Monday night and a time when the nation would unite to watch the premier game of the NFL. I remember as a kid getting the opportunity to stay up late just to watch my favorite team play during this marquee match up to end the football week. Last Monday night though was a different story. The marquee match ups are gone, the excitement with Hank Williams and his awesome song are gone, and the fun non-political stance of the league are way gone. No, this is not a rant in regards to the statements certain players are wanting to make in the league. Heck, several NFL players united last week against our nation’s leader. A move that brought up even more controversy. This is about Jerry Jones and I apologize in advance for the criticism. But one thing stood out to me when the Cowboys played the Cardinals last Monday night.

Sometimes I love Jerry and sometimes I hate Jerry. Shoot, sometimes I call my own father Jerry Jones. The meddling used to go a long way in the past. His ego used to be big, but now it’s huge. He wants to win off the field not on the field. The move Jerry made on Monday night last week was for Jerry. He did this to have himself on national TV. He did this to have him center stage “showing” unity but really wanting to be in the middle of the conversation. It didn’t fool me that he was there, positioned strategically close to his head coach. Did it disgust me? No, this is what he does. He’s helped make the Cowboys a multi-billion dollar franchise. He’s one of the reasons we are constantly in sports news. Last Monday was another reason to put him in the news front and center. My statement on the anthem is a different topic. It goes hand in hand with how society is these days. But my statement on Jerry is from what I saw with a Jerry perspective. This is how he functions whether for good or bad. He is a huge marketing and branding expert. Oh, and having him and the team kneeling before the anthem, that was all Jerry. He wanted to stand during the anthem and got what he wanted. Smart move to play both sides of the fence. Well played Mr. Jones, you are still my least favorite and favorite owner in the NFL.