Jerry Jones is a 2017 Hall of Fame Finalist

Today news came out on the finalists for the 2017 NFL Hall of Fame. Some of the names are very intriguing on the list. One name that stuck out to all of us fans is Jerry Jones. Mr Jones bought the Cowboys in the late 80’s, and along with Jimmy Johnson helped Dallas build a dynasty in the 90’s. A lot of fans can say that this is all Jimmy but nobody can deny that without Jerry getting Jimmy in, we wouldn’t have had the success we did. Now, do we appreciate what Jerry has done for the team? Maybe, maybe not. We have had a long NFC Championship game drought, and this could be Jerry’s fault. We all know how much he wants to be involved with the day to day. Jones has though, marketed the Cowboys as one of the premier franchises in the world. Of course, the AT&T stadium is a work of art, the practice facility is awesome, and the team merchandise sells like crazy. For the league, Jerry has done an excellent job. We will see what happens, but overall Jones should get in.