Jason Witten Officially Retires

What a week it has been for Cowboy nation. Last week the team held the NFL draft at their stadium in Arlington. Friday of that week news leaked that Jason Witten might be considering retirement. May 3rd, 2018 Jason Witten officially retired from the NFL. It was a bittersweet moment for Cowboy fans across the world. Here is my opinion and feelings along with some tidbits of stats, records, and more…


Bill Parcells put it best when he said “Jason Witten is what pro football is supposed to be about.” For those of you who do not remember, Parcells drafted Witten back in 2003. This is back when the Cowboys were rebuilding and needing help at all positions. As a fan back then I didn’t think Witten would be this great, but I did trust Parcells and what he sought for the team. Watching Jason throughout the years and early on you realized he was/is special. After watching the press conference yesterday a few things were noticeable. Coaches, the owner, players, etc. all loved this man. Witten is not only a leader on the field. He is a leader in the community as well. There weren’t enough nice things anyone can say about this man. From toughness to kindness, competitor to student, you can name all the good things you want in someone and still not have enough to describe Witten.

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He Will Be Missed

This Cowboys team is going to look very different in 2018. Gone are the likes of Romo, Witten, Dez, and Murray. The new era now has no distractions or leftovers from the Parcells era. Witten leaves behind a legacy at the tight end position. He’s not only one of the top 5 players all-time in receptions, but he’s one of two tight ends on that list. Heck the other guy (Tony Gonzalez) has stated that Jason Witten might be the greatest tight end of all time. With that said, Witten is a leader or in the top five in a few team categories as well. But now with such a legend retired, this team is going to have to show who they and what their identity is. Witten will be missed in several facets for the young guys. He is a great teacher and communicator. Witten would have been great to have around the team for one more season. The knowledge, work ethic, and more I feel can serve the youth movement tremendously. I hope though that Dak and company have picked up enough to carry on the professionalism Witten showed.

What’s Next?

Well for Witten we all know that he is headed to Monday Night Football. Over the past two decades Dallas has added an arsenal of analysts and commentators to the sport. Jimmy Johnson, Aikman, Johnston, Irvin, Sanders, Romo, and now Witten will be on a platform to discuss sports and a little on America’s team. ESPN actually released a statement the other day welcoming Witten to the fold. It will be interesting to see how Jason does. From what I understand he will be getting a nice four million per year. On top of that he will not have to be going through an offseason workout or training camp. Plus he doesn’t have to take hit after hit on his body. This will be good for his family and kids as well. Witten will have to do his homework on other teams, and learn to talk about the game from a different perspective. He does have some charm and it will be interesting to see how that comes off on camera.

Oh, here is a link from the official Dallas Cowboys twitter page for yesterday’s press conference.




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