It’s ELI-mentary

The match ups, the wins, the losses, the games, the excitement, the supporting casts, and now the most likely final act. Two years ago it was Romo who was in this situation and father time showed us that he was not going to lose. Now, not only is father time kicking in but so is a former inept front office and head coach.


Recently the Giants removed Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo, a much needed move as the team has spiraled downward this season. Injuries might have plagued them, but they really didn’t have any as-semblance of identity. As if that wasn’t bad enough McAdoo thought he would be smart and start Geno Smith over Eli (Big mistake!). Benching Eli was the last straw for the Mara’s and it was rightfully so. As Eli now takes the helm at starting quarterback again, we thought to ourselves that this could be the last meeting against our beloved Dallas Cowboys. Manning is not a young guy at age 36 (He will be 37 in January) but he can still be effective.

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Throughout time there has been one (of two) guy(s) that has really hurt the Cowboys over the years. Eli Manning has been a thorn in the Cowboys side consistently. Heck as recent as last year, 2 of our 3 losses were against the Giants. When Jerry opened AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys first regular season game was against the Giants. Eli spoiled that game with a comeback victory as time expired. A question that came to my mind after thinking about all this was, how have we fared against the “Other” Manning…? Well here is a look at actually how Eli has fared against us.

Can you believe that the Eli led Giants have won half the games they have faced us in? Eli is 13-13 against the Cowboys up to today’s game and could break the tie. I found this interesting because it feels like Eli should’ve had more wins. Maybe its the bad moments that keep replaying in my head (2007-08 divisional playoffs). What is crazy also is that several of the games against the Giants have been very close. Heck, since 2012 our first regular season game has been against the Giants 5 out of 6 times. Yes, the Cowboys starting the season off against the Giants has become a tradition for the NFL. Why are they a hot early season match up? Well because 4 out of the 5 games have been decided within 7 points or less.

Something that I’ve always wondered is how well statistically Eli does against us. Being an annoyance to us, you would think that his wins would be more but they aren’t. He just wins crucial games. One thing about Manning is that he comes through in the clutch repeatedly. Whether it is a divisional playoff, his first game winning drive, or even the final regular season game to get into the playoff. Manning is cooler than the other side of the pillow as the stakes get really high (rambling is over). Statistically speaking he is just as good. Eli has thrown a good number of touchdowns, has a pretty decent rating, as well as a decent completion percentage.

What you will see in the graph below is how Eli has done statistically against the Cowboys, Eagles, and Redskins.

Now, when it comes to touchdown passes, Eli has thrown for just as many against the Eagles has he has against the Cowboys. What sticks out to me in the table is Eli’s completion percentage and rating. Against the Cowboys he has a higher number in both. For his career, Eli has a 83.8 rating which is on par with how he plays against Philadelphia. But against Dallas that number spikes up to 90.1. Manning also loves to throw touchdowns against us and the Eagles, but he has thrown less interceptions against us compared to Philadelphia. It feels like Washington get’s to face the Eli we should get every year.

Finally I wanted to look at how Eli’s teams have done over the past decade plus in comparison to our Cowboys.

Eli Manning teams have not done all too much different over his time as the Giants starter. They have 1 more playoff appearance, 1 less division title, and approximately 8 more wins. What does stick out (yes, I did allow the zero to show on this graph) is that he has 2 Super Bowl victories compared to our big goose egg. Not only two, but two against possibly the greatest run a franchise has seen since the Landry led Cowboys. Whatever fate is in store for Eli, what we can appreciate is that as an organization we had a chance to go against one of the classiest guys in the NFL. Good luck Manning, but our Cowboys need this one on Sunday.

Source: Pro Football Reference