Is it Time to Replace Weeden?

Brandon Weeden is 0-2 as a starter this season. He’s thrown for two touchdowns and one interception. His completion percentage is 76% (inflated by the Eagles game). Weeden has thrown for 500+ yards. The numbers are plenty. My question is, does it justify him to continue to lead us as QB in Romo’s absence?

Every Cowboys fan knew that Weeden would be nowhere near Tony Romo in terms of production. It was clear from the start by Jason Garrett that Brandon would manage the game. The Cowboys have had game managers in the past (Johnson, Orton, etc.) and it has never worked out well. What would’ve probably worked last year with a game manager is not working as of yet. Is there anything effecting the QB at his position, or is he solely to blame? Let’s take a look.

  • The offensive line is average
    • Spin it however you want, Ronald Leary is a huge part of this line. Without him, for some reason, it seems as if the other guys are just out of sync. This could also be because of what Weeden is making adjustments to as well. Remember the QB is supposed to read defenses, and depending on the amount of control he has during the game, he can make adjustments. So far Weeden’s adjustments haven’t helped if he has made any.
    • Our running game is suffering. Let’s face it Cowboys fans, the majority of us were a little too confident after losing Murray. There is no question that Murray and the Dallas offensive line were perfect for each other. Randle is a great change of pace back, and McFadden is (or at least tries to be) elusive. Neither one of the backs are bruisers. We needed a back who was strong, and kept churning. Our running game has gone from pounding it down the opponents throat to finesse and quickness attacks.
  • Weeden is not a smart QB
    • Against Atlanta two weeks ago, Weeden made a bone headed mistake in the second quarter that gave the Falcons life. When watching the game, every Cowboys fan was probably livid over such stupidity. Game managers do not do those things, they throw it away. During the Saints game, Weeden took some shots down the field, but the majority of longer pass plays came on the final drive.
    • He’s not making the right adjustments against the defense. This correlates with both the offensive line and Weeden. I’m not sure the type of control Brandon has, but if he has control to change plays he should. A few times the Cowboys ran some running plays that got them nowhere. If Weeden was allowed to change the play direction at all or the play, and he went with that call then he needs to read the defenses a lot better.
  • Brandon can’t throw
    • After week 3, several Cowboys fans thought that this man had no arm. He could barely get the ball past 10-15 yards, and I was one of them. Watching the Saints game showed me that Weeden is a good passer. He has the accuracy and the power to move the football down the field. For this, I believe Dallas should give him more opportunities like they did against the Saints.
    • Inaccuracy wasn’t a problem in week 4, and that one hiccup against the Falcons has been the only bad play by Brandon. If you look at his overall performance, he hasn’t wow’d us by any means. But it is tough to say the guy is inaccurate. He is hitting his receivers in stride. Their were a few missed opportunities against the Saints, but it was more so timing compared to a bad bad pass.
  • Where is the Defense?
    • Injuries have ravished our defense so far. We’ve allowed 20+ points in consecutive weeks. I think this plays out in two ways, 1. Dallas needs to control the ball more on offense, 2. We just need some healthy bodies or experienced players on the field. Now we are getting Hardy and McClain back this week. This will help but still, they haven’t played a game for 4 weeks. These guys will be rusty. Once Gregory and Lee are back at full strength, this defense should be stronger to force opponents off the field more often. Not on Weeden.
    • We aren’t causing turnovers. I counted 3 missed interceptions by the Dallas defense against the Saints. Two of the turnoverĀ opportunities we were flagged on. This team needs to start causing mistakes by opponents.
  • Injuries
    • So this is something that involves Weeden, because if Romo wasn’t hurt, we wouldn’t be having this article. With that said, if it was only Romo out, we would be in better shape with more talent around Brandon. This is the NFL, so excuses are just that, excuses. We will have to find a way to win with the limited talent at the moment.

My arguments here are for Weeden and I state that because who gives us a better chance to win? Any QB would be unproven to start right? Look at the available guys in the NFL, RGIII, Matt Cassel, etc. Are these guys better? Really? A washed up first round pick who hasn’t been able to stay on the field, and a career backup who benefitted from being around a current dynasty…. I’m open to arguments because it drives sports, it drives us fans, and it is productive conversation. I ask you Cowboys fans, how do you feel about Weeden?