Is Garrett the Right Coach?

People have been discussing and arguing if Jason Garrett should be coaching the Cowboys. Those same people are unhappy that Garrett looks to be unemotional on the sideline. This “State of Emergency” that fans are portraying should be tempered.

What has Garrett accomplished?

The Cowboys have gone 8-8 under Garrett and missed out on multiple playoff opportunities. Watching those games, it has been obvious that this team gets right there, but cannot close out. Last season behind a strong run game and a rebuilt offensive line, Dallas was able to pull of a 12-4 record, sneak by the Lions, and barely lose to the Packers. During those 8-8 seasons, the team was in a place of rebuilding/restructuring. So far under the Red Jesus (Randy Galloway reference) administration, we have been fairly mediocre.

The Team Plays Hard

Since Garrett came in to replace Wade Phillips, our teams have played hard. As interim the team posted a 5-3 record, and both sides of the ball have shown good progress with him at the helm. You’ve never heard a player complain and you have witnessed a culture around the team that is a little different. Where Landry, Johnson, and Parcells instilled fear and had “his guys”, Garrett has been pretty even keel in treatment from what we can tell. When it comes to disciplinary action, so far we haven’t seen any irrational decisions made by the coach. This seems like it instills trust in the team with their head coach.

There is No Emotion

The biggest issue people have with Garrett is that he is unemotional. Well, do you want a coach who is screaming, yelling, and going crazy (Rex Ryan)….. or do you want a guy who is motivating, encouraging, and actually trying to coach? When I’ve seen Jason on the sideline clapping it isn’t to tear a player down. You have to build up the confidence of your team, encourage them that next time we can get it done, let them know they are better than that.

Who Else Do You Get?

Honestly, Bill Cowher? Tony Dungy? Brian Billick? Mike Shanahan? Who? Cowboys nation this is a time where you back up a guy who has shown development. I mean when we were asking for him to stop calling plays and he brought in Scott. We’ve asked for certain things and the team has mirrored the majority of what we ask for. I think us as fans need to relax and remember, we are hurting, the team is bleeding bad, but not because if inept coaching.