Is Dez Bryant 100 Percent?

In 2015 Dez has a devastating injury against the New York Giants in the first game of the season. The injury was a fracture which kept Bryant off the field for an extended period of time. Reports were stating how Dez was recouping quickly, but we all know Jerry was pushing him to get on the field. Remember, the team had a stand off with Bryant due to a contract issue also. Now, this can be irrelevant if the Cowboys star WR would’ve made it in time to get some practice in. We all know game speed and training is different than off season. With this said, I watched Dez when he came back and he didn’t look 100%. I will also go on record and add that he will not ever be 100%. Remember, Hakeem Nicks had something similar and he’s not anywhere near what he was afterwards.


Dez Bryant also stated last year that he wasn’t 100% during the season. This offseason he will have to work rigorously to get back into game shape. What will be a problem is that he is going to have to get back 2 years of work not just 1. This will be extremely tough, even for an athlete as gifted as Bryant. We do have news of an offseason surgery that went success for Dez. The rehab process will be gruesome if he works towards his 2014 form. The issue is the recovery time is truly a lot longer for bones to heal even from a fracture. Playing a high impact sport like football, Bryant might start playing more cautiously to protect his body. Their is nothing wrong with that but it could affect certain plays he would’ve made in years past. I’m hopeful that we get the same player if not a better player after this recovery. I just do not see him getting back to 100%.