In Weeden We Trust???

If last week was disappointing, this week was completely atrocious. We know we didn’t have a chance to win the game but we could’ve made it competitive. For the third straight week, we disappeared in the second half.


For those Cowboys fans who wanted Romo gone a few years ago, stated he chokes, and he won’t win the big game, well how does not having him feel….? It’s safe to say that his talent is outstanding and gives us a chance to win each week. Weeden isn’t a bad game manager, but this team isn’t a well balanced attack on offense and defense. Our team is built around ball control, and the offense capitalizing on wearing out a defense. I believe Cassel will start against the Giants, but I do not expect much of a better performance. You also have to look at the run game, o line (again), and this time the separation by the wide outs. Terrance Williams is not good at using his hands to catch the ball. Plus, he cannot create separation from the defense. If your #1 wide out is having trouble, your #2 wide out is a rookie, the short yardage guys (Witten, and Beasley) will not be able to get the necessary check downs open.


Our defense on the other hand was phenomenal. Yes they let 30 points get scored, but how long did they have to be on the field? What was interesting is the defense was on the field for a shorter amount of time than the offense. So if you look at team stats, we do not look bad. The issues are that the offense had several 3 and outs, and our D was stout for much of the first half. In the second half they had to be on the field a lot more due to a stagnate offense, and this in turn allowed for the Patriots to hit a few quick strikes down the field.


This bye week is well needed and the good thing is that we are in the thick of the NFC East race. Up after this is a huge game against the Giants which could potentially determine our fate for the rest of the season. Yep, I’m going out on a limb that early…