Golden State & Dirk?

The Golden State Warriors were just involved in the biggest collapse in NBA Finals history. A few days after the tragic game 7 for the franchise, the team has stated it will go after several big named free agents. One of the biggest names is Dirk Nowitzki. The veteran forward would be a great offensive piece coming off the bench but Dallas and Dirk might have other plans.

Here in Texas we call Dirk “The Big German” and he officially opted out of his contract yesterday. Word is that Dallas will try to build around what Dirk has freed up. Nobody here is questioning whether Dirk will be back. The big question is will the Warriors be persuasive enough, and is Dallas going to actually build a contender for Nowitzki’s twilight years. I strongly believe the Mavericks will hold onto Nowitzki, but it is intriguing to think about Dirk in a Warriors uniform with Curry, Thompson, and Green. Throw in the possible signing of Kevin Durant and you have an immediate contender once again.

Obviously free agency will have rumors swirling but to be honest this one doesn’t have that much validity here in Texas. We believe strongly Dirk will stay and the organization would be blindsided if he decided other wise.