Free Agent Running Backs Visit Cowboys

It’s no secret that Jerry Jones would love to have Adrian Peterson. It’s also no secret that the Cowboys lost the league leading rusher last year to a division rival.  We also know that their is a big void in the eyes of Cowboys fans in regards to who will take the lead RB position, once the 2015 NFL season is underway.  The Cowboys didn’t address the glaring need at RB during the NFL draft and now it looks like they had a different direction all along.  Free Agency was hit swiftly by the Eagles when they locked in two very good backs, leaving the Cowboys to get Darren McFadden.  Several media outlets believe that the running back by committee (RBBC) is the best way for the team to go.  As we are gearing up for training camp, it seems the team still wants to see what is available.

Ben Tate and Felix Jones both visited the Dallas Cowboys and more free agent backs could be on there way.  Ray Rice is a name that is very intriguing as well.  If I was in search for a tailback, I would probably not look at Felix Jones anymore.  As fun as it could be to have McFadden and Jones in the back field a la Arkansas Razorbacks 2007, we have to find durability.  Ben Tate fell out of favor with the Browns last season and wasn’t very productive following that with the Vikings and Steelers.  Ray Rice is a player who once was dynamic and fast.  Now, I see Rice as a player looking to get in, but removed from the game enough to be a step slower.  I like the Cowboys decision of seeing what options are available still.  They will also be able to make headlines with any veteran back that they decide to bring in (Steven Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Chris Johnson, Knowshon Moreno, Pierre Thomas, etc).  Patience will be important in the process and the team will have to find someone who can be serviceable in all facets of the run game (pass block, receiving, running).

My personal opinion is to sign Pierre Thomas. With McFadden, Thomas, and Randle you have a a nice low profile three headed attack.  Only the Dallas Cowboys will know what they are looking for, and hopefully it isn’t a name just to have, but a player who fits the need.