Free Agent Running Back Options

So with Demarco Murray taking his talents to Philadelphia, and the Eagles creating their own big 3 at tailback (Murray, Matthews, Sproles). Dallas now has to look at its options in Free Agency, if their are any…..

Here are some names that could be intriguing for the right price:

Reggie Bush – Cut by the Lions after a very mediocre season. Has been injury prone in the past but can be lethal out of the back field as a pass catcher.

Steven Jackson – The one time workhorse for the St. Louis Rams. Jackson had fell off the map with the Falcons. He doesn’t have the speed or quickness from the past and could be on his way out of the league.

Darren McFadden – The 4th overall pick in the 2008 draft has been a huge disappointment. Injury prone with only one 1,000 yard season, Run DMC did have a full season last year but with 155 carries. He could be a good split back option at the right price.

C.J. Spiller – Spiller has done OK over the past few years and has been fairly healthy except for last year. He recently met with the Saints so C.J. could be off the board quick. I do have to say though, his agility, speed, and usage are low for a back that could be explosive out of the back field.

Pierre Thomas – Great locker room guy, team leader, and hard runner. Thomas was recently cut by the Saints and even though he’s a little older he could be worth it in a dual back situation. I’m a huge fan of how he runs with a purpose.

DeAngelo Williams – Cut by the Panthers recently and with a chip on his shoulder, I see DeAngelo as a good fit here as well. Injuries and age are catching up to DeAngelo. He hasn’t posted a 1,000 yard season since 2009. I’m not sure if DeAngelo has much left in the tank.

Ahmad Bradshaw – Strong and quick, along with very elusive. Bradshaw runs well. Just like Pierre Thomas, Ahmad is a strong back but is banged up every year. I see him in a split back situation as well.

As you can see, their will not be 1 single back to cover for what Demarco did for the Cowboys last year. The best case scenario with Free Agency is to sign a complimentary back and work more towards the draft. Injuries are a huge concern with many of the backs available just like they were with the backs already taken. Behind our offensive line, I do believe we can prolong some of these running back’s careers. The issue will be finding the right starter who is great in pass protection, and can be a 2-3 down back.