Five Reasons: Why I’m Excited for the Cowboys 2018 Season

We are just a couple of months away from the NFL preseason. I cannot wait this year to watch my Dallas Cowboys in action. A lot has changed from the past offseason and we will see a very different team on the field. Here are five reasons why I’m excited for the 2018-2019 team season:

1. The Defense: Dallas has drafted for the defense in consecutive years now at some capacity. Whether it was corner heavy or linebacker heavy. It will be exciting to see the young group at linebacker and cornerback mold the defense into what they want it to be. Rod Marinelli will have his defensive line giving it 110%. And Kris Richard will be a welcomed addition to help create an identity for this group.

2. Full Season of Elliott: Last year was a tough year for the team but more so for Ezekiel Elliott. With his suspension case dragging on for basically 66% of the season, you could see it was affecting him big time. Now with that whole drama potentially done with, we will have an opportunity watch Elliott free of any obstacles. His rookie year he had a mission and this season feels the same.

3. Dak Prescott: Yes, I’m hyped to see what Prescott has improved on in the offseason. Accuracy has been an issue as has his long ball. But Prescott is a student of the game and I believe he will continuously get better. Of course he doesn’t have two big weapons from last season. What he does have is the free will to throw the ball to whoever he feels is open. This will allow him to read through his progressions better.

4. Demarcus Lawrence: Oh man is he going to have a fun year rushing the quarterback or what. The defense is supposed to have some key contributors back. D-Law wreaked havoc last season for most of the year. You could tell that his speed off the edge was tough for tackles to match up with. This season I believe the same will happen but with more help from his teammates on the line.

5. Coaching: So this is something a lot of people might disagree with but think this through. Since Jason Garrett became head coach of the Cowboys, the team has been building an identity that is reminiscent of the 90’s teams. For the first time, Garrett will be the guy who has coached a lot of these guys since they were rookies. What this means is that this is finally HIS team. I’m interesting in not only seeing how they respond, but how develop throughout the year. Also, this makes it a very critical year for Red Jesus (Randy Galloway shout out!) as now these are his guys.