Ferrell Goes to Kings

Well this was a debacle. I usually do not post sports news like this but I thought this was quite interesting. Yogi Ferrell decided to agree to a two-year deal with the Sacramento Kings yesterday. He had a deal in place with the Mavericks but the money I guess wasn’t the same. This kind of remindsĀ  me of DeAndre spurning the Mavericks, but it is still different. I know Dallas found Ferrell in a way and turned him into a quality player in their system. Also, I wouldn’t call this poaching because the Kings aren’t really good enough to poach. This smells like a deal that was a handshake deal between Yogi and the Mavericks, but something went awry. Not sweating over this as the Mavericks could use the roster space and bring in a veteran. We will see what the hometown team does.

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