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So if you don’t know, my wife and I welcomed a baby boy a few months ago. Gifts have been coming in and sleep has been going out. One of the gifts we received was from one of our very close friends. They purchased the Dallas Cowboys Baby Fanchest I as a gift for our son. I have known about Fanchest before this, but it was really cool to see someone use them for basically a gift service. What I learned through the experience is that the idea is really cool and brings in a nice convenience to gift giving. Also, there is no subscription service or anything like that required. It’s literally a Fanchest!

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Brief Overview

Fanchest is a website that offers gift packages for customers to purchase. Customers can purchase them for themselves, friends, etc. Everything they have is authentic and for extra validity, they list websites and companies that have reviewed them. This ranges from COSMOPOLITAN to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. On the Fanchset website you not only can you shop by league, you can shop by team. Also, they give you options on gift packages. What is really exciting is you technically know what you are going to get but still don’t know. So the unboxing is a nice experience in itself.

The Chest

Why not stay traditional to the name of the company. They provide you a solid no nonsense brown box. This is a pretty good packing method and the box itself is pretty stable and strong looking. Another positive is that it doesn’t give away too much of what is inside. I think this helps with creating the excitement of opening the box. Finally the ease of opening the package is very convenient. The box is taped shut, and once the tape is off, you basically pull open the box as two flaps hold it in place.

The Gifts

Where do we begin! Man I wanted to dig into this thing and just look at it all. Boy they do put a lot of items inside and each one deserves a good look. Why? Because they provide a variety of things that if you do not pay attention, you will miss the smartness of how it is put together. In the box we received for our newborn we had onesies, a bib, pacifiers, and more. We were kind of in awe at the cool team gear that was provided, and also I couldn’t wait for the NFL season to start so we could use these items. One negative I did find is that the items seemed kind of dirty. This could be because of the box itself flaking off in shipping or something of sorts. But nothing seemed as if it had been sitting around for a long time which was good. Oh, and they give you a golden ticket or two. I won’t reveal too much about the golden ticket, you will just have to purchase a Fanchest to find out more about it.


If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for the ultimate sports fan, then go to Not only will it save you time shopping, but it will also surprise both of you when that special someone opens their box. Plus you can find a majority of their gift boxes for under $100. It’s hard to beat such a good price for this many items. If you feel the price point is a little higher for you that’s completely okay. Keep them in mind for the big time purchase one day for a milestone occasion or event.

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