Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

News broke on Friday that Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended by the NFL. Over the past few months there were rumors in regards to the situation. Jerry Jones recently had stated he felt confident that Elliiott would not be suspended. But Dallas did sign former Bronco Ronnie Hillman. The suspension Ezekiel will face is 6 games barring any appeal. For several Cowboys fans over the past few days this news has been devastating. What makes this decision hard to swallow is the fact that Elliott was not found guilty of his charges. There was not enough evidence therefore the case was basically dismissed. Last year the Giants kicker stated that he beat his wife several times throughout there marriage, and he received a 1 game suspension. For the past few seasons, the league commissioner hasn’t been consistent in handing out punishment. This has been an issue for not just Cowboys fans but football fans throughout the nation.