Ezekiel Continues to Impress

How do you describe how great this man has been playing. It’s nearly impossible but we are going to take a crack at it. Let me start by going on record and stating that earlier in the year I was in favor of starting Morris and working Zeke in. This was due to his fumbling issues in the first couple of weeks. Well, I’m happy to eat my words because Elliott is doing something amazing. Should we take his rookie year with a grain of salt, maybe. Let’s take a look at a few 1,000 yard rookie running backs though: LT, Fred Taylor, Marshawn Lynch, Edgerrin James, Alfred Morris, Doug Martin, Eddie George, AP, Curtis Martin, etc. Pretty good company if you ask me, but there have also been some mediocre backs that have accomplished this feat. Guys like Steve Slaton, Cadillac Williams, Errict Rhett, Anthony Thomas, Eddie Lacy, etc.

What is impressive about Elliott is not only that he’s eating up defenses, but he’s avoiding big hits. We see his agility and ability to finish off runs, but he doesn’t take straight on shots all the time. This helped Curtis Martin and Edgerrin James have 10k yard careers, and that vision could help Zeke as well. The fact that he’s already run for 1100 yards (still going), has eleven rushing TDs and only 3 fumbles (two were against Washington in week 2), we can see him building consistency and stability at the RB position. Although he has some pending off the field issues, he’s been a model citizen so far here during the regular season. Where guys like to talk trash and get into opponents heads verbally, Elliott is letting his play discourage defenses and wear them down.