Doomsday In Dallas

This is not one bad day, this is one bad week…….

I start by saying that line because heck, it’s been rough here in Dallas.  If its not the Texas Rangers struggling then we have free agency issues, and suspensions to worry about.

Texas Rangers:

By the time this article gets published we might have ended our 4 game skid.  We might also extend the losing streak further.  Our team defense and pitching has surrendered a lot of runs.  Do we have a quick fix? Probably not, I do hope we get closer to healthy and maybe that could turn the tide.

Dallas Cowboys:

Suspensions……DEZ…… Rolando McClain will miss the first 4 games and we all know Greg Hardy’s punishment.  I’m not sure how our depth will hold up.  Let’s see what cards we have to play with after the preseason….. Did you see Dez in all caps? Yup. Do we need to re-sign him quickly? Yup. Ok, I took a little bit of a Draymond Green approach there.  Seriously though, Dallas, SIGN THE MAN QUICK.  There’s a reason why they say money talks….

Dallas Mavericks:

I’m going to keep this rated PG.  Time to tackle the DeAndre story. My personal beef with his situation is this: BE MAN ENOUGH TO SAY NO THANK YOU.  All Jordan had to do to save face here was to let Mark know he changed his mind.  Other than that, whatever happens in Dallas is none of his problem.  The Mavericks will bring in Wes Matthews this week, but after that they have ALOT of work to do.  I believe the Jordan move is going to cause a strong effect in the Dallas organization, and now they have to seriously prepare for life after Dirk.  Rebuild through Parsons, bring in vets, and be honest with Nowitzki.