Dirk, Williams, and Parsons will Opt Out

News broke over the past few days that Dirk and Chandler Parsons will opt out. We all know the salary cap will rise in the offseason so this move is not surprising. Deron Williams also stated he was opting out as well. Here in Dallas we are aware and so is Dirk of keeping the big German here. With Parsons and Williams their is a great divide.


Dirk Nowitzki: The Mavericks have no reason not to keep Nowitzki around. After winning the 2011 championship, Dirk stated himself that he is set staying in Dallas but would like the team to build a contender. The past few years the Mavericks have been first round exits, and I wonder if they will ever get the pieces to change that. One thing that is guaranteed though is that Mark Cuban will keep Dirk as long as Nowitzki wants to stay.

Chandler Parsons: There is a divide on keeping Parsons due to the fact that he hasn’t played a full season here. Parsons has also been hurt during both playoff runs. I would let Parsons walk or at least let him test the market and see what his value is. The smart move here is offer Parsons a short 2 year deal with a player option. Let him work towards the big contract if nobody else offers it to him this offseason. If you lose Parsons, you will still be okay as a team.

Deron Williams: It was nice to see Deron back home here in Dallas. The bad part is that Williams is damaged goods. The man played well but he is not elite, hasn’t been for a few years. I also noticed while watching some games that the team chemistry was different with D-Will on the court. Not necessarily in a good way, but awkward. I would do the same thing here that was mentioned with Parsons. Let him test the market then offer him something close to what the market gives. All this depending on if the team feels like it is a reasonable amount.