Dez Bryant is Hakeem Nicks

Cowboys fans will not like this post at all but the obvious is bearing down on all of us. Just like Tony Romo, Dez Bryant has had injuries shorten or cut out time in the past two seasons. But something about Dez that is concerning is that his leg injuries are starting to happen at a fairly early age. Granted as a WR, Dez is in the higher half of age group but this shouldn’t be the scapegoat for his injuries. With a fracture last year and a hairline fracture this year, things are obvious, Bryant’s body is giving out. Now the next comparison is our opinion and doesn’t stack exactly to Dez. After taking a little time to reflect, one man who we recalled had a fracture in there foot was Hakeem Nicks. For those fans who are young, Nicks would destroy us back in the day. Eli had a big strong target who could catch over you and bully you, oh and also had some good speed. Does all this sound familiar? It should because that is exactly what Dez has been for the Cowboys. Nicks career so far seems to be done and he played from 21-27 years of age. Dez on the other hand is 28 but he also started at the age of 22. Both players have had injuries and the arc of production is eerily similar. Nicks didn’t get a chance to play with the Giants his whole career but did get a shot to produce and simply couldn’t. Dez will get a shot in the next year (if he doesn’t have another set back this season) and we are 100% positive his numbers will decline.