DeMarcus Lawrence Anomoly?

This guy is playing out of his mind right now. DeMarcus Lawrence is a beast. Heck, he’s a force that should be reckoned with. Not only has he reached a career high in sacks, he’s done so in 5 games. In 2015, Lawrence had 8.5 sacks in 16 games. Now does this mean he’s turned a corner? I hope so. But he’s also in a contract year. The last time I saw a player play so motivated in a contract year was Anthony Spencer.

The Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Spencer back in 2012 and he recorded 11 sacks that season. The next year the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on him again and he then went under season ending surgery. The Cowboys did a smart thing with the franchise tender two years in a row. Will they have the ability to do this with Lawrence? It’s possible. They have a shot at finally finding a bonafide pass rusher so they shouldn’t let him slip out of there hands. But they also have to be weary of the consequences of signing him to a big deal. I think we will be able to keep Lawrence for market value due to some past issues. What do you think?