Dallas Wins and Jerry Wins

The Hall of Fame game is over. The Hall of Fame induction is over. Jerry Jones was the winner in both instances this past week. His Dallas Cowboys won not only the preseason game, but he gave a heck of a speech on Saturday. Briefly, Dallas beat Arizona 20-18. The defense made some plays but gave up a lot of plays. The second string on-wards played that night. Not much came out of the game for Dallas but it was fun to have football back.

Jerry on the other hand gave a speech that felt like a tribute to Tony Romo and the league. Mr. Jones also gave a shout out to some of his former players, and the biggest tribute went out to his first hire at head coach, Jimmy Johnson. Now as a 90’s Cowboys fan, it continues to haunt me till this day that the relationship between Jerry and Jimmy ended so prematurely. On Saturday night, it felt as if Jerry had finally put aside a lot of what has been eating away at him for basically two decades.