Dallas Sports Update 4/21/15

This post is long over due and I wanted to incorporate a few events into one article. In this post we will cover The Texas Rangers struggles, your Dallas Cowboys, and Dallas Mavericks.

Texas Rangers:

Currently the Rangers are tied for last place in the AL West. A concern across the media has been the fact that the team just cannot score any runs. What I’ve found strange for this season is that they are in the middle of the league with runs, but they are not spread out through games. Where I think the team is struggling is ERA. Our Rangers are last place in ERA and have sustained injuries to Yu Darvish and Derek Holland. The good news is Holland will have a chance to come back but we do not have Yu for the rest of the season. Our fielding has also been somewhat of a concern this early in the year which is hard to imagine with Fielder, Andrus, and Beltre. I think the problems are the same old with these Rangers and we need to focus on getting our pitching fixed vs our batting.

Dallas Mavericks:

Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs for the Mavericks was Saturday night. In what turned out to be a fast paced emotional contest, ended with a Rockets victory. A few former Mavs (Jason Terry, Corey Brewer) helped Houston tremendously to get game 1. The second game is tonight, and if Dallas can communicate on D and slow the game down I see a victory. It would also be nice to see Monta Ellis more involved, and it would help to know what Rajon Rondo is actually doing……. Dirk and Tyson showed up, the rest of the team needs to respond now, and hopefully Chandler Parsons is ok. His injury or unavailability could be huge as Richard Jefferson proved he’s not built for this series.

Dallas Cowboys:

Well where do we start. The Country Music Awards were at Jerry’s world. Troy, Tony and Jason showed up to the event and even presented/hosted some. Adrian Peterson is not moving off the teams radar. He is pushing to get traded away from the Vikings, and if the Dallas cap situation is right the move could happen. I’ve not been a fan of getting Peterson due to his age and contract, but if he can restructure to help the team I’m all in. Monday the team started voluntary workouts and noticeably Dez Bryant was not there. He still hasn’t signed his franchise tender, and this could be of concern. We will see what happens with the Dez situation, but I hope it doesn’t linger into the preseason let alone the regular season. In other news, the NFL draft is about a week away, and several mock drafts are circulating. I’m not sure If I will have a mock in this years draft, but I will recap. Also, the NFL team schedules will release tonight and I will highlight this along with give my predictions for the team.