Dallas Sports News Round Up 5/9/16

Well Dallas fans it was a pretty mediocre week in sports. Here’s a recap:


Dallas Cowboys: The Boy’s had their rookie minicamp last week. Several players showed some good signs. Many players received jersey numbers. We are hitting towards a healthy summer and are excited about the possibilities.

Dallas Mavericks: Nothing much going on here. Mainly Dirk wanting the team to build a contender but otherwise quiet. We should have information on Nowitzki’s summer baseball game. It is always a classic.

Texas Rangers: After losing the series to the Blue Jays, the Rangers swept the Tigers. It was a good bounce back series for the team. Let’s see how they do this week with a 6 game home stand. The week will begin against the White Sox and continue with the Blue Jays.

Dallas Stars: The Stars are on the verge of being eliminated from the NHL playoffs. They are down 3-2 on the series and the St. Louis Blues are on fire. They have really taken off scoring almost at will. For some reason Dallas teams have a hard team against anyone with the name Blue….