Dallas Sports News Round Up 5/2/16

Every team except the Mavericks had a very busy week. We had round 2 begin for the Stars, the NFL Draft, and a lot more baseball.


Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks had a very quiet week this past week. With the NBA playoffs underway their won’t be too much basketball news except for rumors and gossip. If you want a little bit on that end, well Chandler Parsons has all but opted out, and shared a pic of him and DeAndre Jordan hanging out. No hard feelings…….


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Texas Rangers: After a week that was half good half bad, the Rangers put together a wonderful series against the Yankees and Angels. Texas is atop of the AL West but not by mutch. This week the team will be on the road in Toronto and Detroit.

Dallas Cowboys: The NFL Draft is officially over and Dallas made a very interesting splash. Early on they took Ezekiel Elliott and followed up with drafting Jaylon Smith. Their is concern in regards to the nerve in Smith’s knee, and if that wasn’t the case he would’ve been a first round pick. Let’s hope he gets healthy and the reward is their. We will have more in depth opinions about the Cowboys draft picks later.

Dallas Stars: This week the second round of the NHL playoffs started. Dallas is playing the St. Louis Blues. The series is tied 1-1 and looks to be very interesting. We will see what happens for the team moving forward but they do have their hands full. Game 2 went into overtime after Dallas rallied, but the Blue’s had other plans. Game 1 was also close as Dallas held onto a 2-1 win.