Dallas Sports News Round Up 5/16/16

Well Dallas fans, it looks as if we finally have one sport currently in progress. The Dallas Stars season ended last week. It was a horrible way for them to lose in game 7 but a good season none the less. Let’s take a look at Dallas sports for the week.

Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks are basically waiting out the playoffs. While waiting you have Chandler Parsons flirting with the thought of Dwight Howard coming to Dallas. I personally do not support such a move but we will see what Cuban wants to do. The Dirk window is closing and we could be out of a superstar for a long period of time.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys are going to be starting training camp in the next couple of months. Until then we have received small tidbits of information. Tony Romo seems to be healthy, and Byron Jones will be practicing at Free Safety this season. We have a very intriguing year for the Cowboys.

Dallas Stars: Even though the Stars lost a one sided game against the Blues, they still had a good run. We hope the team is healthy for the post season next year.

Texas Rangers: Your Texas Rangers went 4-2 over the past week with some very big wins against Toronto. The obvious highlight of the year is the Odor punch. Honestly as a Rangers fan I personally do not like Bautista and appreciated the gesture given. Texas will be on the road for their next 6 games and we hope they can put together another week over .500.