Dallas Sports News Round Up 4/4/16

Here is some news around the metroplex for our sports teams. Kind of quiet, but with baseball starting and hockey along with basketball hitting the playoffs, we haven’t slowed down just yet.


Texas Rangers: Opening day is today and baseball season is finally upon us. We will finally get a chance to see what this Rangers team is made out of. Hopefully we have a deep playoff run.

Dallas Stars: The Dallas Stars season comes to an end this week. They have played extremely well and with the playoffs around the corner, we will wait and see how Tyler Seguin is health wise. He will be very crucial to the teams playoff run.

Dallas Cowboys: The team made a few moves over the past few weeks but questions remain. This weekend AT&T Stadium held Wrestlemania and the event had an outstanding show out. With the draft weeks away, the boys will gear into the next stage of the offseason.

Dallas Mavericks: Well, after sliding out of the playoffs, the Mavericks are holding onto the 7th seed by a game. Houston won against OKC on Sunday which helped them tremendously. Now, with the shell of a team Dallas has, they will have to face the Rockets on Wednesday and attempt to lock in a playoff berth. Dirk has cooled down as of late, but seriously, what could you expect from a 37+ year old leading a team. Great work by Rick and the coaching staff to get the team prepared the past few games, and JJ Barea has been amazing in April.