Dallas Sports News Round Up 4/25/16

Well Dallas sports fans, we had a very unique and busy week last week in sports. Let’s see what happened around the metroplex:


Dallas Cowboys: Their wasn’t much activity last week besides Demarcus Lawrence’s possible suspension. The good news is that the issue seems to stem from a medication, not something else. The draft is this week and this will be huge for the team. You can bet that this week will be mock draft crazy around many places. I’m going to simplify my choices to Ramsey or Elliott.

Texas Rangers: The Rangers had a great series against the Astros but then lost every game to the White Sox. Mazara is looking good each week. Some good news is that the division is kind of weak and balanced out right now. We will probably see some separation in June.

Dallas Mavericks: Your Mavericks are now down 3-1 on the series against the OKC Thunder. Dirk has put up a lot of fight but the team is getting beat athletically. We are positive that the season will end soon, and appreciate what the team did this year.

Dallas Stars: The team is going to the second round and had some trouble closing out the Wild. A series which should’ve ended in 4-5 games went to 6 and could’ve gone to 7. Now with the rest, we could possible get a chance to see Seguin back in the lineup.