Dallas Saved by the Emoji’s

Last night the Mavericks were throttled by the Los Angeles Clippers. The game was¬†early in the NBA regular season and had some significance due to the off season. If you didn’t know, DeAndre Jordan agreed to terms with the Mavs and then spurned the team in a lockdown segment made for reality tv.

Well, during the game last night Jordan and Nowitzki had a slight little altercation that is being blown out of proportion. I personally was happy to see Dirk stand his ground. Jordan in a sense was doing the same. Expect Dallas to boo Jordan loud when he visits here for the 2015-2016 season. Let’s look at the reality of the situation though. Dallas just saved themselves a lot of money for a guy who isn’t even a force on offense and defense.

When you look at the cap situation that is coming up in the next few seasons. Dallas is going to be in a favorable space to offer some good money. A fading Dirk in the next couple of years could also become a retired Dirk. Unless of course Nowitzki is ok coming off the bench. Would you really wanted Dallas to tie up almost 20+ million in a guy who has never averaged 15 points per game? To be blunt, this is just a better defensive version of a mistake we made a while back in Erick Dampier. After 2011 we decided not to make the same mistake with Tyson Chandler (we should’ve kept him this offseason), and almost did with Jordan. The argument can be made that he isn’t and will never be the focal point of the Clippers offense and it is valid. But even when you watch him play, he is the recipient of Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin lobs, he doesn’t post anyone up, and works off rebounds.

Is DeAndre a defensive force? Um, yeah, but look at Dwight Howard, what has he done the past few years with basically no post game and dwindling athleticism. The Mavericks are in rebuilding mode and the pieces they have in place are interesting. Parsons, Dirk, Deron, and Wesley are average¬†for this season. I consider this a pause in a master plan that I know Donnie Nelson is working up. Dallas is centrally located, has one of the greatest owners in the NBA, and a fading superstar who is willing to hand the keys over unlike at some other franchise (Kobe). The Mavericks will get their “big fish” but they need to be methodical in the approach of building around that player, and having the right players ready for Carlisle’s system.

DeAndre in the offseason made the biggest block of his career, and in return, Dallas is going to thank him in the next few years.