Dallas Sports News Round Up 4/11/16

Well Dallas sports fans, we have a few sports winding down and a few starting back up. Let’s take a look back at last week.

Dallas Cowboys: The boys stayed mostly quiet this past week. Their wasn’t much action except for draft prep. Free agency has dwindled down some and now a few weeks away from the draft, Dallas has to make a decision on keeping or trading the pick.

Texas Rangers: Texas started out the season with a win and kind of┬áslumped since then. The Mariners series didn’t end up too well but against the Angels, the team posted a couple of wins. Nomar Mazara has been a great addition to the team. The bats are starting wake up and our heavy hitters are looking better. Keep an eye out for Nomar though, he is getting a lot of praise as a 20 year old.

Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks 5 game winning streak ended recently. Dallas is holding onto the 7th seed but face Utah and San Antonio to close out the regular season. A Houston loss guarantee’s a Mavericks playoff victory. I just would stay calm and focus on winning one of the two games left on the schedule. Oh, they team also was able to get Deron Williams back, so that should help the depth some.

Dallas Stars: The regular season ended with the Stars locking in the best record in the Western Conference. Dallas will star the post season against the Minnesota Wild on April 14th. Tyler Seguin is still out for the team so it will be interesting to see how the Stars respond.