Dallas Mavericks Rumors

So with free agency set to begin tomorrow, I felt it was important to touch on a few rumors going around the league that involve our Dallas Mavericks.

  • Hassan Whiteside – We know Hassan will meet with Dallas tomorrow and we are his first meeting. Dallas is going to swing for the fences with him because well, he’s a 7′ 0″ towering big man whose shown athleticism at a position we haven’t seen in a while. Plus his length does cause problems. One thing that is of concern is his maturity level. Whiteside has had moments of immaturity but I’m sure several teams would put up with small bursts over a long season. One concern I did see while watching Hassan was he did have trouble with some players his height. How many guys will he run into that size? Probably not a lot, but he will run into trouble with certain players. Dallas will get the first meeting and will offer the max here, I believe it is a smart moved based on what is on the market.
  • Mike Conley – Conley is coming off a few different injuries and is still a young player. At 28, Mike is in his prime and would be the perfect candidate to run the Mavericks offense. He has played with guys who are option 1 and 2 before so you know he will not be completely selfish. Word is that he will give us a meeting and we want him in with Whiteside if we can get to an agreement. Memphis is also hot on Conley and will try to work as hard as possible to get him to come back. What is interesting though is Dallas is to meet with Conley the same day as Whiteside, stay tuned!
  • Chandler Parsons – Memphis will offer Parsons the max and try to get Mike Conley to re-join. This could be devastating to Dallas, but to be honest, there is a lot more value at SF than people think. Off the top of my head, you can find several serviceable players at that position. I let Parsons walk if he wants the max, no questions asked.
  • Dwyane Wade – This is more of a rumor from the Wade side of things, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuban is pushing some stuff out there as well. Cuban knows that if Miami starts panicking on bringing Wade and Whiteside back they will miss out on one of the two. Obviously the man who basically owns South Beach should not leave, therefore it can leave the door open for Hassan to come to Dallas. Plus, with Miami pursuing Kevin Durant, they do not have enough cash for 3 max players. More of a power play than a reality with this move.
  • Dirk Nowitzki – Dirk will give Dallas some time before he decides on what he wants to do. The priority here is to surround Nowitzki with a solid team for the next couple of years while building a foundation. Conley and Whiteside can provide this with Wesley Matthews. Hopefully Dallas does enough to compete while we still have Dirk.